10 Things You Need to Do Before Your Next Relationship

Single life can have it’s ups and downs. I know first hand. And when someone asks me “Rosa, are you not freaking out that you are almost 40 years old and still single?” My answer to that is a loud: NO!

Why? Because I actually really love being single. It has blessed me with the time to get to know myself and become who I am today - and I love and OWN that person.

I came up with a list of things I LOVE doing as a single woman and I think that we all need to give to ourselves first so that we show up for others better. These are things that I highly recommend you do before for yourself;

Go on! take a peak and indulge in some of these single-time must-dos!

  1. Travel - you don’t need to go far to explore a new place!

  2. Read a life-changing book - Feed your mind some positivity.

  3. Write out a bucket list - Think of some things you want to do, Yes! Go ahead and write down the crazy ones too!

  4. Get to know your friends better - Write a list of friends you would like to connect with.

  5. Figure out what your favourite foods/meals are

  6. Splurge on yourself - You don’t need to have a partner to enjoy some delicious fancy meals! Indulge yourself… you don’t even need to share with kids!

  7. Level up your education/personal development - Coaching is not only for the wealthy! If you are reading this, you are the type of person that looks for growth and opportunities! The time is now! Book a call with me.

  8. Meditation - this can be life changing and not to be taken lightly! Consistency is key!

  9. Take yourself out on a date - where would you like to take yourself!... and yes! Get all dressed up, You deserve it!

  10. Start Journaling - Write down celebrations every night! Success builds on success and the more you celebrate, the more things you will have to celebrate!

Single life is full of opportunity. If your thoughts are scattered and you’re not sure how to see the value in the single lifestyle - download my free guide: 25 Journaling Prompts for Happy Singles.

And if you are in a relationship, it’s time to take it to the next level by working on the inside first so that it overflows to other areas of your life.

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