Defining Success: 3 Ways to Move Forward

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

What does Success Mean to You?

Are you clear on what it is you want? We all want freedom, time, more money….SUCCESS! But what is that exactly? What do you actually WANT at this moment in your life? What will make an absolute difference?

There are MANY things that contribute to success! It all depends on what this means to you. For many of us success means more time. We pretty much agree that more time with our loved ones or more time to do the things we want to do would be great right? Or maybe you define success as having lots of money. A lot of my clients associate money with freedom and opportunity. Do you have the same feelings? No matter how you define your success, its important to have a clear vision of what success looks like to you so that you can go after those goals effectively. Once you have that clarity, taking action steps to move forward is key. Here are 3 Steps to move you forwards toward Success:

1) Once you are clear what you want to accomplish, break that goal down into tiny goals that can be placed onto a calendar. Setting many small goals that will contribute to your ultimate SUCCESS is often less overwhelming! For each mini goal, Decide, Commit and Do while you also enjoy the process and have fun!

2) Look for people to help you! We all need to let go of control! You can’t do it all on your own! The only way to grow is with a team! Finding people that are good at what they do can free up your time so you can keep working on the big picture. Create an empowering team, leaders among leaders! Look at all the things you can take off your plate and give you more freedom for you to do what you do best. Your TEAM is your greatest asset!

3) Don’t allow the fear to stop you. Failure is inevitable, honest, no business has a 100% success rate. NONE!!!! So quit asking yourself “what if it doesn’t work”… because what if it does!!! YES it can! And when it doesn’t go as planned, change to a new path to get to your destination instead of calling it a night.

Success is not something that happens overnight. If you are clear on defining success for yourself, take your big goal and break it down into mini goals, get help and support and learn from each mistake/failure instead of quitting, you will make it! If you need help defining success, let work together. Contact Me Here.

Cheers, to your success!

Rosa Osterling Success Coach #definingsuccess #successcoach #lifecoach

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