Imposter Syndrome: How to stop it in its tracks!

I bet you have heard the phrase imposter syndrome before. It is defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success. 'Imposters' suffer from chronic self-doubt and a sense of intellectual fraudulence that override any feelings of success or external proof of their competence.

You may be raising your hand already saying, YUP, that’s me. But some of us may need some additional clarity. Do you you ask yourself questions such as: Who am I to think I can do this? Who am I to think I am qualified enough to do this? Do these questions evidently hold you back from taking the next step or showing up confident when you need to?

The thing is, all of us, even myself have had to deal with imposter syndrome at one point or another. What’s great about this moment is that you now have this awareness about its power. From this place, you can make a decision to do something about it! Here are 5 ways you can conquer Imposter Syndrome and stop it in its tracks: 1. Start asking yourself better questions. Stop asking yourself “who am I to think I can do this.” and instead start asking yourself: “What can I provide people with?” “How can I help impact the world?” “Who have I already impacted?” “What is really the truth here?”

2. Focus on the growth. Imposter syndrome makes us want to stay in your comfort zone. Value the ability to learn and grow and imposter syndrome will fade away. Growth always involves flexing your self esteem and confidence muscle - so go for it.

3. Remember: every successful person ahead of you has felt imposter syndrome at some point and may even still be feeling it now. It’s a feeling we have all felt! Guess what, you are human! Know you are not alone! Reach out to your coach!

4. Let go of wanting to make everything perfect! The inner critic will want to take over and sabotage you! So be kind to yourself! Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend!

5. Visualize yourself as if you didn’t have these thoughts. What would it be like? Celebrate! Conclusion: Now, you have that big bad goal of getting to the next level. Don’t let imposter syndrome stop you from achieving your goals. Find out what to do next by downloading my free guide: 7 Steps Successful Entrepreneurs Take to Get What They Want. Read it here.

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