Why You Need a Success Coach

Are you one of those people who are unsure if they need or even qualify to have a coach? Sometimes I talk to people and they are a little unsure as to why they may need a coach, how a coach can help them, and if coaching is right for them. I laugh because oftentimes people think that coaches are only for the rich and famous, but actually, everybody can benefit from having a coach, especially if you are after growth and success!

Let me tell you a few things that coaching can do for you;

Coaching helps you take your LIFE to another level. What does that even mean right? There are probably areas of your life that you are happy with right? And then there are probably parts of your life that you could improve on. Coaching looks at ALL AREAS of your life, your personal and professional and helps you balance all aspects. This doesn’t mean we do not focus on the parts of our life that are thriving, instead we challenge ourselves to rise up to another level of success in all areas of your life like health, fitness, business, family, relationships, finances etc. There is always an opportunity for growth. If you are exceeding in finances, maybe the family category is low? If you are currently doing amazing in one area of your life, chances are that perhaps you are lacking growth on another. A coach will allow you to recognize this, prioritize and get you to a more balanced life.

Once you find that balance, a coach is necessary to keep momentum. A coach can help you get to higher levels and see what else you can do that you didn’t see was possible before.

A great coach will hold you accountable and is a key partner for keeping and maintaining your success. Sharing your goals with someone who cares and will hold you accountable to make sure you don’t fall off the wagon is no new method to finding success. It is tried and true.

Note: It is not your coach’s job to be chasing you or MAKING you do anything; you are going to learn how to hold yourself accountable for keeping your commitments which is a great thing to learn. A coach is there to ask you about your commitments and ask questions on why it didn’t get done or /and to celebrate with you your wins!

A coach is someone on your team who wants you to win! My clients know how much I love them and that I never want them to feel alone in their struggles. I am on their team, driving towards a win, and when we do win, we get to celebrate! Just a personal insight about winning: As we get older we forget to celebrate our wins. We become overly hard on ourselves and super perfectionist – BUT we are not robots people! Life is beautiful and it's worth celebrating so that we can keep attracting more and more.

And speaking of winning, a coach is there to help you plan it out. A coach will always want to know what it is that you want so that they can help you get there. Whether it's with a strategy or crushing your limiting stories, plowing through mindset blocks that prevent you from moving forward, a coach will make sure you are moving forward with a plan. A coach listens; we listen to your language pattern and hear beyond words. We are able to help you shift your focus so that you can get to your results and not get all stuck in your own stories on why you can’t do something.

And lastly,

A coach will help you get to know yourself more. You will be able to connect with and tap into all your super powers. You will also start to discover your weaknesses and mindblocks that are holding you in place. Self exploration and mindset work is so beneficial. If you want change, you need to do this work, but it can be scary. Having someone coach you through the mindwork and who wants to help you discover yourself will help ease the process.

If you are not where you want to be, bottom line – a coach’s mission is to help you get there! Everyone and anyone can benefit. So let me ask you, in what area of your life could you use a coach? If you would like a chance to chat with me about your goals, CLICK HERE!


Rosa Osterling

Success Coach

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