What clients have to say

Rosa is a dream coach! She has such a beautiful way of holding front-and-center the highest vision I have for myself, my business, and my life while also holding up the mirror for my personal growth. Building and scaling a business has put me face-to-face with all my personal demons and limiting beliefs … and coaching with Rosa has given me the insights, tools, and confidence to push through and build the team, business, and lifestyle I want

Staci Gray | Organize to Scale™ 

Founder and CEO

In 2019, I reached a low point in my life.  My marriage ended, I left my career after 15 years and the woman I thought was “the one” had left me.  I reached out to Rosa and we began formal coaching sessions that focused on all aspects of life

The critical lesson I learned was who I needed to become in order to be with the person I wanted.  

Fast forward a few months and I am now in an amazing relationship with myself and have met someone special. Thank you, Rosa!

Kurt Warner | Director of Business Development and Education

If you are tired of your own bullshit stories and ready to really launch and live life full out, stop right here. Rosa has been instrumental in my growth by helping me create more self-confidence more self-love and pushing me way beyond my limits to create a life and a business beyond my wildest dreams. If you want compassion, fire, authenticity, and kindness in a coach Rosa’s where it’s at. Her ability to be both compassionate and kind while simultaneously holding my feet to the fire is something I will forever be grateful for. 

Breaking barriers in my relationships and Setting new records in my real estate business! 


Melissa LeGrand |Broker, Owner

LeGrand Real Estate

Rosa is such an inspiration! I was a skeptic of coaching at first because I thought that meant I had a problem in me and that I was weak. But Rosa’s coaching didn’t make me feel that way at all or that there was something wrong with me. Instead, she made me feel empowered to take back the reigns in my life and take my life to the next level.

She helped me see the blind spots that I couldn’t see in me. It’s easy for us to see the areas needing improvements in others but it’s much harder for us to see them in ourselves. That’s why Rosa’s coaching was tremendous in helping me progress to the next level in all areas of my life, be it my relationship with my husband, relationship with my family, relationship with myself, career, and mission.


Rosa always knows what to say to me without me knowing that’s what I needed to hear. She’s all open ears and so supportive that made me feel safe to open up to her like I rarely do with anybody else.

When I worked with Rosa I was at a turning point in my life where I had been thinking about leaving my 9-5 but was so scared to do so. She helped me break through all my limiting beliefs (because only we can hold ourselves back) and together we worked through how I can trust myself in the process.

Rosa’s coaching was tremendous in helping me get to where I am today (she was there with me the day I gave my resignation letter!).


Working with her has helped me accelerate to my goals 10x faster!

She’s a true blessing!


Suzanne Lee | Real Estate Investor and Fitness Teacher

I am beyond grateful to have had Rosie as my coach!  One of the biggest things that Rosie helped me with ways to tap into my feminine energy.  I understood the importance this plays in a romantic relationship.  This awareness drastically changed the dynamic between my love and I.  However, creating that balance within myself also spilled into my professional life.  As a boss lady, I was always on “make it happen” mode, which created a lot of anxiety in me.  Being vulnerable and allowing myself to feel whatever feelings at any given moment really centered me and allow to give myself grace. 


We are aligned at the soul! Thank you for making such a difference in my life in such a short amount of time!


Mercedes Valle | Prisma Studios

My words will never begin to express the gratitude I have towards the relationship Rosa and I have built. What brought us together was our passion to make a difference and our passion for people. The moment I met Rosa I could feel the genuine and kind-hearted soul that she is. I’ve experienced her warmth and her humble guidance as life can get tough at times. People like Rosa make it worth it.


Evelyn Li | Financial Service Representative

A session with Rosa definitely opened my eyes to see a different outlook in my relationships. She added value to my thinking and my belief system

Rosa's approach was caring and also professional which made it easy for me to share my experiences with her...  time well spent!

Norm | Real Estate Investor


Words cannot begin to express the value that Rosa brought to my life as a coach. During times of uncertainty where my thoughts and energy were on a downward spiral, she was in my corner guiding me through it. She was always available and I never felt like her guidance was ever scripted or regurgitated from a self-help book.


She kept me accountable and helped me pinpoint limiting beliefs I had so I could do the work to replace them with something more empowering. Rosa genuinely cares about her clients and made a huge difference in my life both personally and professionally.

Jonathan S. | Account Executive 

I sought after a life coach because I needed clarity and help pursuing a deeper more meaningful life. Working with Rosa has changed my life in so many ways. We worked together to organize both my personal and professional life and she pressed me to think deeply about what I truly wanted out of life.

Her positive energy, uplifting spirit, and ‘get-it-done’ attitude was what I needed to get to work. I’m blessed to have Rosa as a coach but even more blessed to call her a friend. 


Alex Wegmann 


I have nothing but immense gratitude for Rosa. In a short amount of time, she has helped me recognize thoughts and perfectionistic tendencies that don’t serve me. She has taught me to set boundaries, be kind to myself and create new beliefs. I am a much happier and more confident person because of it.


Rosa is kind, patient and will change your life for the better.