The Awakened Lioness VIP Experience

With your host Rosa Osterling

Intimate in-person VIP Experience one-on-one or customized for small groups.

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Are you exhausted from racing with life, putting everything else and everyone else’s needs before you?

Do you faintly remember the days when you had a long bubble bath without the constant sound of your phone blowing up?

Or when was the last time you took yourself to a fancy dinner “just because”?

Maybe you don’t even notice how tired you are anymore because it’s been your reality for too long…

…So you just put a smile on and scull another caramel latte, extra strong, to keep you going. And move your massage appointment once again.

Perhaps you’ve noticed some women on social media soaking in rose petal baths, sipping champagne and part of you feels pissed off. Who has time for that?! 

Or you see everyone else coupled up, having the best time of their lives with their lover while you are feeling lonely, disconnected and misunderstood.

And then there’s another part of you that is longing to…

 …be pampered and taken care of…

…to be reminded that you are WORTHY of having it all – the successful career or business, juicy relationship, being turned on by life.

…to feel like an absolute Queen standing in her full power.

If only someone could magically lift all the burdens and task lists off your shoulders…

If you had more time

More money 

Better circumstances

Perhaps a hot date to take you out

Then you, too, would feel like a Goddess worthy of luxury and celebration. 

I’m here to remind you that the wait is over.

You DON’T need :

A special occasion

A birthday

A career milestone 

and not even a hot date 

to feel pampered, celebrated, turned on and empowered.

It’s time to Reclaim your Power and Awaken the Lioness within. It’s time to celebrate YOU!

Join me for VIP EXPERIENCE where you get to soak in your most self-indulgent experience to date

Imagine JLo and Beyonce hanging out for two days. You get the vibes! 

This VIP experience is all about celebration and self-empowerment, but we’ll also do some deep work to unravel what’s been tearing you down and holding you back from being your best self.

I’m calling it the Awakened Lioness because in each and every woman, there lies a true Lioness Queen…







Let’s wake her up!

Are you ready for the Revival of a Woman who knows that her desires matter, her joy matters, SHE matters?

Start your Self-Love Affair Now

The following is a suggested agenda, and as a true VIP experience, we can customize it according to your desires. You can book it for yourself or as a group experience with your friends.

Get grounded in your body and connected to your heart with Somatic Breathwork

Experience a powerful breathwork session to calm your nervous system, learn to regulate your emotions and get centered in your body so you can handle whatever life throws at you.

Pamper Yourself in Toronto’s #1 top-rated and acclaimed

Let the water wash away your worries and anxieties and give your body the rest she deserves. You’ll get to bathe in a luxurious spa, and your mental toughness will be tested with a cold plunge. As a Somatic Breathwork Practitioner, I will safely guide you through it. This is the ultimate embodiment of taking control of your life.

Awaken your senses with an Indulgent Dinner Experience

Grab your most glamorous outfit and get ready for a luxurious dinner at Toronto’s top restaurant to celebrate YOU. True Lioness doesn’t need a man to take her out, she knows that she is worthy of abundance and self-celebration now. 

Reclaim your Sexy Goddess with a Boudoir-Style Photoshoot

Have you been waiting for the day when you have the body of your dreams, your hair feels extra silky, and your laughter lines have disappeared, and THEN you might consider having a sexy photoshoot? Great! The day has come. You get to capture your most Bad As* self with a juicy photoshoot and be always reminded of your limitless power. 

Imagine walking away from the VIP Experience:

  • Feeling in charge of your life (adios victim mentality, hello abundance mindset)
  • Knowing how to set firm boundaries without second-guessing yourself 
  • Feeling worthy of putting yourself first (no need to wait for anything or anyone to lift you up)
  • With a new vision for yourself that inspires, excites, and is aligned with your true desires
  • Feeling juicy in your body and treating it like a temple
  • Like an absolute Goddess ready to make s*it happen
  • Creating life and work balance as you take control of your life and feel more fulfilled 
  • Shifting from feeling lonely to being your own best friend
  • Having tools to understand yourself on a deeper level and be a better communicator
  • Knowing how to navigate challenging emotions

VIP Day 1 includes:

  • Breathwork Session to quiet your busy mind and get grounded in your body so you can handle life’s challenges like a true Lioness
  • Heart-opening Cacao Ceremony to soften the inner critic and strengthen your intuition so you can lean into your feminine energy and experience a deeper connection with yourself and others as you are open to receiving
  • Mindset and embodiment practices to shift from a victim mentality to an abundance mindset and unblock beliefs that are keeping you suffering so that you can create the life you want. 
  • Spa experience (also includes challenging your mind and body with a cold plunge) to pamper your body and take charge of your life
  • Delicious healthy lunch to nourish your body and soul
  • Luxurious dinner to embody your most abundant self and celebrate yourself now 
  • Rainbow healing session. 

VIP Day 2 includes:

 *(optional, but highly recommended)

  •   Juicy Bodouir-style photoshoot including              professional makeup, hair and sexy outfits to      awaken your feminine power (includes one          photo). No need to wait to be perfect, you are      worthy of it now. 

That’s not all!
I’m spoiling you with these BONUSES

The Awakened Lioness Course

12 week self-paced online program covering 12 sessions, including topics around discovering your purpose, crushing goals while also knowing how to create work-life balance, learning how to attract everything you desire, and so much more.  (Value @ $2222).

3 one-on-one Transformational Coaching Sessions

(45 Minutes each) Value of $1500

Total BONUS Value of $3722

Meet Your Host...

I’m Rosa Osterling, and I’ve walked miles in your stilettos.

As a single mother of two boys, I used to believe that prioritizing myself was selfish. At a young age, I was molested, growing up with shame and not wanting to be seen. I suffered from panic attacks and depression and got married at a young age to escape my low self-worth. I went through an eight-year divorce, drowning in lawyer fees and struggling to make ends meet. 

As a businesswoman, I know what grind and hustle taste like, trying to balance it all, doing my best and still feeling like I’m failing. I once was a woman investing in everything and everyone else except me, but I’ve learnt over the years that if we continue to accept the leftovers, that’s all we will get in life. For most of my life, I had a victim and scarcity mindset, struggled to set boundaries and lived to please others. Having lost everything that I had twice, I now know that no matter the circumstances, we have the power to rebuild our lives.

We, women, need to step up, reclaim our power, put ourselves first guilt-free, and say yes to joy and pleasure.

I have dedicated almost 20 years to self-growth and personal development. I have worked with some of the top influential leaders worldwide, including Robbins Research International (a Tony Robbins company), Industry RockStar, Legacy Education, Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki). I’ve also studied with Alyssa Nobriga, Chris Cuciurean, Jack Currie, and I’m a Somatic breathwork practitioner. I can’t wait to use my toolbox to help you succeed in life!

Are you ready to Awaken the Lioness within and Reclaim your Power?

The Awakened Lioness VIP can be booked as a one-on-one experience or customized for an intimate group. You can book it as a bachelorette party, for team building or for a girls’ reunion. Get in touch to discuss your options.

Day 1

Breathwork session to quiet your busy mind and get grounded in your body 

Cacao ceremony to soften the inner critic and open your heart 

Mindset and embodiment practices 

Spa experience (also includes challenging your mind and body with a cold plunge) 

Delicious healthy lunch

Luxurious dinner 

2 Night Accommodation 

$3,555 USD

Day 2

Bodouir-style photoshoot including professional makeup, hair and sexy outfits to celebrate YOU (includes one photo) 

Additional $1,333 USD


12 week Lioness online program 

3 one-on-one Transformational Coaching Sessions (45 minutes each)

3 Day Accommodation 

What they say about us :


Your Most Burning Questions Answered


What is the Awakened Lioness VIP Experience?

This luxurious experience is all about reclaiming your power and reminding you that you are so worthy of being celebrated no matter your life circumstances. We’ll also do some deep work to unravel what’s been holding you back from being your best self. It involves breathwork, spa experience, luxurious dinner, plus mindset and embodiment practices. The optional but highly recommended second day involves a boudoir-style photoshoot. You can also book this experience with your girlfriends or as a team building for a deeper love and connection.

Who is it for?

The Awakened Lioness VIP Experience is for an ambitious career or a businesswoman who always prioritizes her work and is longing for a break. It’s for a Mum who has too many duties and no longer remembers how it feels to put on mascara and feel taken care of. 

It’s for a woman who has been putting herself and her desires off for too long and is ready to reclaim her power. If you want to feel pampered, nourished and indulge in a luxury experience, the Awakened Lioness VIP is for you. 

You can also do it as a customized group experience for a bachelorette party, corporate team building or for your girlfriends’ reunion. 

How long does it last?

It’s highly recommended that you book the 2-day experience, but a one-day experience is also available. 2-day experience gives you more time to integrate all the teachings and embody the work. Everything part of this VIP experience is highly customized for your desires and we can co-create it.

What are the dates?

Bookings for 2023 are open now with limited availability. To enquire about the dates available, please send an email to or text 4169040606 with the Subject: I am a Lioness. 

I’m not in Canada, can I still come?

Yes, absolutely! I work with women worldwide. Please note that the travel costs are not included in the investment and must be arranged independently. If requested, travel recommendations can be provided.

Can I do this with my girlfriend(s)?

Yes, absolutely! You can do it one-on-one or as a customized group experience for a bachelorette party, corporate team building or for your girlfriends’ reunion. This intimate experience will deepen the relationship between yourself and others in the group. Give yourself and your friends the gift of self-love, nourishment and pampering. 

It feels scary to invest so much money in just me, what do I get in return?

I totally get it. I’m a single mum of two boys, and I struggled to treat myself with anything nice for many years. Twice in my life, I lost everything that I had, and even though it was terrifying, I always knew that I could rebuild my life with an abundant mindset. That’s exactly what I’ve done, and I’m now passionate about helping women like myself to create a wealthy mindset.

The Lioness VIP Experience is not only about luxury and wealth, it’s about reclaiming your power, remembering who you are as a Woman and no longer waiting for the perfect circumstances to celebrate YOU. It’s about embodying worthiness, stepping into your most confident self and unleashing your superpower.

What’s the refund policy?

50% of the deposit is non-refundable upon booking. In case of sickness and emergency, rearrangements will be made. To discuss further, please write to 

Start your Self-Love Affair Now

let the Lioness Awake!