When opportunity knocks, will you answer?


As a coach, I can look at things and offer different perspectives.

When working together, you end up opening your mind and heart to possibilities, and then watch out… you become unstoppable!

Now, If you’re an overachiever, you may have a hard time letting go of control, perfection, and making sure everything is “just right.” Some of my clients and I fall into this category from time to time. Speaking from experience, this can hinder you from seeing potential opportunities.

After a recent conversation with a client (who is making some great breakthroughs), I thought I would share some of the helpful ideas we discussed:

  • Don’t chase opportunities! Create them! Anytime someone offers you a conversation, take the time to listen.

  • Imagine if every human you interacted with could teach you something? We are abundant in knowledge if only we kept our eyes, ears, and hearts open.

  • Unfortunately, we have become humans accustomed to saying “NO”. We continue to close doors without contemplating ideas first. Next time, try walking into a situation with a positive attitude and the possibility for a “Yes.”

  • Be aware of the fear. Sometimes when faced with a goal, problem, or unknown situation, we become fearful. We are afraid that whatever opportunity ahead will be a waste of time, money… but what if that wasn’t true? Have faith!

  • Look back and reflect on what opportunities you missed that could have opened doors? Reflecting can provide you invaluable insights. It will allow you to see opportunities with a clearer perspective.


Learning to take chances and choose FAITH over FEAR is hard to do alone! It is why so many have found a coach, including myself. I have a coach because we ALL have blind spots! I also want to make sure that I continue to grow and have someone in my corner to help me open my mind to new opportunities.

Now, take a moment and look at your personal and professional areas in your life. Are there things you are doing that others could do? Are you having trouble letting go of perfection, control, or fear? Leverage and balance are essential keys to growth!

I see many business owners who want to do it all themselves and keep doing what they are doing, over and over. Unfortunately, they continue to get the same results. If that’s you, and you want to get to the next level – hire support! It is vital to have support in your personal life and your business. Adding coaching to your business can be critical to your business success.

Life is full of possibilities, but you need to know where to look and a coach can help you open your mind to those opportunities.

I know you are ready for the next level!

Are you ready to answer the door?

Rosa Osterling

Rosa Osterling

RO, a visionary entrepreneur, blends energetics and strategies to empower highly successful women like you. As a proud Latina and single mom, she understands your challenges and has harnessed both masculine and feminine energy for unparalleled success.

With over 20 years in personal development, RO’s unique approach combines lion strength with lioness nurture. Her work with top leaders worldwide as a Results Coach (RRI, a Tony Robbins Company) and Rich Dad, Poor Dad (a Robert Kiyosaki Company), brings invaluable wisdom that she shares with clients.

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